Nurturing Religious Moderation: Exploring the Internalization Process to Enhance Islamic Character in Students


  • Mastuhi Universitas Islam Nusantara, Bandung
  • M. Darmawan A. Aziz Universitas Islam Nusantara, Bandung


Internalization Process, Values of Religious Moderation, Islamic Character of Students, Holistic Education, Moral Development, Educational Frameworks


In the ever-evolving landscape of education, it is imperative to recognize the multifaceted role it plays in shaping individuals' lives. Beyond the transmission of knowledge, education serves as a cornerstone for moral, intellectual, and social development, guiding individuals towards a more nuanced understanding of themselves and the world around them. This becomes especially crucial in the contemporary context marked by globalization and technological advancement, where education must adapt to cultivate holistic growth encompassing reason, emotion, and social awareness.

This study embarks on an exploration of the internalization process of moderation values within the realm of Islamic Religious Education, specifically within the context of SMA Plus Istiqamah in Bandung City. Through a meticulous examination of the stages of knowledge acquisition, habituation, exemplification, motivation, and enforcement, this research sheds light on the intricate mechanisms through which students internalize and embody these fundamental values.

At the heart of this internalization process lies the cultivation of students' character values, with a particular emphasis on those grounded in religious moderation. Through a structured and systematic journey, students are guided towards embracing and internalizing these values, thereby fostering a more balanced and nuanced worldview. Guided by educational frameworks that prioritize holistic development, institutions endeavor to instill empathy, tolerance, and ethical conduct among students, thus equipping them with the tools necessary to navigate an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

By delving into the nuances of the internalization process within Islamic education, this study not only contributes to our understanding of character formation but also underscores the vital role education plays in shaping individuals' moral and ethical compass. Ultimately, it highlights the transformative potential of education in cultivating responsible and conscientious global citizens.




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