Scope and Discipline

The Journal of BAHISEEN covers a wide range of topics related to Arabic and Islamic studies. The scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to, the following subfields:

  1. Islamic thought and philosophy
  2. Islamic history and civilization
  3. Islamic law and jurisprudence
  4. Qur'anic studies and tafsir
  5. Hadith studies and science of hadith
  6. Islamic art, architecture, and literature
  7. Islamic economics and finance
  8. Islamic education and pedagogy
  9. Islamic ethics and spirituality
  10. Comparative studies in world religions with a focus on Islam
  11. Arabic Language & Literature

The journal welcomes original research articles, critical reviews, book reviews, and translations in the above-mentioned areas of research. The journal also encourages interdisciplinary research that bridges Arabic and Islamic studies with other fields such as philosophy, anthropology, sociology, and political science. The aim of the journal is to promote scholarship in the field of Arabic and Islamic studies and contribute to a better understanding of the Islamic intellectual tradition and its contemporary relevance.