Publication Ethics

Journal of BAHISEEN is committed to upholding the highest standards of publication ethics and ensuring the integrity and quality of the scholarly research it publishes. The following publication ethics guidelines outline the principles that the journal adheres to:


  • All authors must have made substantial contributions to the research study and/or the writing of the article.
  • All authors must have read and approved the final version of the manuscript.
  • Ghostwriting and guest authorship are not permitted.
  • Proper acknowledgement of all sources of funding and support for the research must be provided.


  • All submitted articles are checked for plagiarism using appropriate software.
  • Authors must ensure that their work is original and has not been previously published elsewhere.
  • Proper citation and attribution of sources must be provided for any materials used in the article.

Data and results:

  • Data and results must be accurate and presented honestly.
  • Manipulation or falsification of data is strictly prohibited.

Conflicts of interest:

  • Authors must disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may have influenced their research or its interpretation.
  • Editors and reviewers must also disclose any potential conflicts of interest and recuse themselves from the review process if necessary.

Peer review:

  • All submitted articles undergo a rigorous peer review process by experts in the relevant field.
  • Reviewers must provide honest and constructive feedback to authors.
  • Editors are responsible for making the final decision on whether to accept or reject an article for publication.

Retraction and correction:

  • Articles may be retracted or corrected if errors or misconduct are discovered after publication.
  • Retraction or correction will be made in accordance with established guidelines and procedures.

Compliance with ethical guidelines:

  • All research must comply with relevant ethical guidelines and regulations.
  • Research involving human subjects or animals must have been approved by the appropriate ethics committee.

In addition, Journal of BAHISEEN adheres to the COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and the COPE Core Practices.